Benefits of an Attic Conversion in Your New Home

Many people decide that a home extension is a great idea when they buy a new home and they want to make it bigger. With homeowners increasing the size of their home instead of moving houses at that particular moment is a great way to optimize space that is readily available.Most homes can accommodate an attic conversion and by extending your home not only enhances the external character of your house but also improves your lifestyle too. The benefits of an attic conversion are endless, here are some of them.

Increase the value of your home
Attic conversion is one of the best ways to invest in your home. When you create a habitable space usually the square footage of your home increases, with this attic conversion will pay itself in terms of enhancing the value of your home. Experts say that a good conversion increases the home value by 20% when it comes to selling the house. The most obvious benefit is that additional space, you get to create an extra bedroom, office or a couple of rooms and a bathroom where it attracts potential buyers when it is time to sell the house.


Relocation avoidance
When you have a small house that cannot accommodate your family, your options are limited. You either move to another house or build onto your house and moving is usually a big hassle and also expensive. One of the major benefits of an attic conversion is that you get to stay in the same area and avoiding the need to find a new school for your kids, modify your commute or even paying removal companies. This stands in stark contrasts to building an attic conversion. While an attic conversion is a significant expense, the costs represent an investment and on the other hand, money spent is more like money that is thrown down the drain.

stairs-to-atticIncrease space
The primary reason of getting an attic conversion is to have more space and it is the main reason people opt to change their home. By choosing an attic conversion, you are utilizing an already available space and the attic will add to your space without compromising anything like a driveway or your kitchen garden when extending your external space. Space can be used as an office, storage space, a snug or an attic bedroom. So, when your family grows there is no need to move house to get that extra space you need.

Create extra income
For some people, making money when you sell the house is not the main advantage. Whatever you decide to use the space for can improve your lifestyle by earning more money. If your attic is large enough, it can be a great opportunity to generate more income. You can either decide to rent the room or bring a lodger. Also, if you do not choose to rent the room , you can choose to use it as your working space like having an art studio or an office to start a new business.