Custom House Builders

You have been thinking about moving to another town for a long time, and now you have finally made your decision to sell your old house, go to your desired place, and there build another and start a new life. You have already found a beautiful piece of land in the serene suburb of the town which will be a perfect oasis for a family, and now you need to prepare and plan everything for building a new home there.

Building of a dream house can be exciting but also a very tedious job. It requires a great effort, a hard will, and an excellent organization and planning so that everything could be performed properly and that the project could be realized in time and within the boundaries of your budget. You know that it will be a long and stressful process which you cannot perform on your own and that you will need professional help from a company specialized in constructing and designing of homes.

little-lodgeThere is a great variety of such companies from which you can choose one which will best suit your needs and your budget, but not all of them are good, and not all of them can provide you exactly with what you want. Therefore, if you want to hire the best company to make sure that your home will be quality and long lasting and built exactly according to your specifications hire Meletis Homes.

Meletis Homes proved to be at the very top of the best custom house builders. With more than 4 years of experience in the building industry, they are one of the most required and trusted construction companies inĀ  Melbourne. Their high reputation is the result of their ability to construct homes that are highly functional, stylish and that are also designed according to the needs and the lifestyles of their owners. They will provide you only with the highest quality services. Their trained team of professionals and their building experts will give their best to construct your dream house look exactly like you have imagined, and it will be made of the highest quality materials that you have chosen, and it will be made to last and provide you with years of comfort and joy.

custom-houseThey are willing to listen to you carefully and cooperate with you and then create a concept of a house that will be the exact representation of your vision and then with the use of their advanced knowledge and skills in home design and the advanced equipment they will bring this concept to realization in the shortest period possible and within the boundaries of your budget.

For more information about Meletis Homes go to There you will read everything you are interested to know about them and the services that they offer. You can also take a look at the portfolio of their custom built houses and ensure yourself in the quality of their work and their commitment to bringing the dreams of their clients of having gorgeous homes to reality.