Keep On Learning Because He gon’ make it into a Benz out of that Datsun

Yes, I know that’s the wrong video for that title. Kanye fans get off my back. That video is just better for what I need to talk about which is Mercedes/Maybach. Plus who doesn’t want to see a Maybach get the top chopped off and driven like a skateboard?

Mercedes Benz Technology Drivers Have To Keep Up With


Top Mercedes Benz technology is no longer reserved for the flagship S-Class but is also available for the E-Class as well. Anyone talking about the latest cutting edge technologies for Mercedes in the auto world must recognize the new E-Class range of cars. They include autonomous driving, automated parking, cell phone as car key, automated braking, car-to-x communication, adaptive LED matrix lighting and a also bunch of safety features. Most of these technologies are really cool with all the convenience they bring to drivers, but it’s one thing to own a car with the technologies and to learn how to fully unlock their potential.


If you buy any of the new Mercedes E-Class cars, you will definitely be overwhelmed by the amount of technology it makes available to you. If you haven’t used any of the technologies before, it takes time to learn then you get used over time. Some of the features utilizing these technologies have to be activated or controlled through an app you install in your smartphone. You find some owners of these cars that are still doing things the old way simply because they haven’t yet discovered all the tasks the car can do automatically if given the right commands. Technology still needs some level of operation from users in order to benefit or given them the driving freedom and convenience they desire. Users that aren’t tech savvy usually tend to have some moments of confusion with things technology and that’s not different with the E-Class cars.


It wouldn’t be surprising to see some drivers still parking their E-Class car the old-fashioned way. Some people like doing it manually and we get it, the feel of driving yourself is amazing. Some people still though buy their Mercedes Parts at their local parts store, instead or getting cheaper Mercedes parts through Adsit and other top Benz parts dealers.We can excuse them to think it’s easier that way if that is what they have been used to. But if a driver tries the automated self-parking option on several occasions and gets a hung of it, they soon realize how that technology makes it easier to park even in the tightest spaces. All that is needed is to have an app installed in smartphone and learning how use it to command the car to do the self parking while you watch from a distance outside.


There are some kind of technologies you will find in the Mercedes E-Class model that will require you to be bold to want to use them immediately. For instance, the car is semi-autonomous but not all of us will be comfortable with the idea of a self-driving car no matter how much we have been told about it. Regulation still requires drivers to be in control of the steering wheel. Mercedes isn’t telling you to break any traffic rules, so you still have to keep your hands on the wheel even if the car knows how to drive itself. It can detect all the cars around it, follow the car in front from the right distance, change lanes and so on. So what a driver needs to know is how and when they can activate some of these features.


There are many features including climate control and starting the car which you can control using your smartphone. You can also use it to find the car if you happen to forget where you parked it. There is so much more that has been automated in the new E-Class range of Mercedes cars. If you want an older Mercedes Benz car to get somewhere closer technologically, a lot of auto technologies available in the market can help you. But you might want to make sure you first buy Mercedes rims, Mercedes transmissions, Mercedes engines or any other important part needed to upgrade the most import aspects of the car performance.