Learning About Crowdfunding

Get More Crowdfunding Backers From Twitter


Twitter is a major social network site with over 360 million users and counting. It is a great platform for brands to target and connect with key audiences for growth. Crowdfunders on Kickstarter, Indiegogo and other similar platforms can reap huge benefits if they use Twitter properly. It’s a social network that most professionals and people with various business interests love. It’s unique in the way it works for news and trending topics. Journalists and everyone interested in news for a variety of reasons like to use Twitter more often than other social media sites. So anyone with great crowdfunding ideas is likely to find it more useful for building relationships with prospective backers and also news reporters. Crowd Chirp helps wanna be successful crowdfunders go from wanna be’s to success stories.




Twitter is one of the most important social media platforms that enable research in very practical ways. For topics that are relevant to your crowdfunding project, you can easily find conversations and all the people engaged in them simply by using targeted keywords to do a quick search. That has even become more effective with hash tags because you also get to know exactly what’s trending. Pitching for crowdfunding purposes is more effective if you are using content that relates to current issues. You can check on twitter how relevant the issues have been historically. So basically twitter is a great tool that helps you gather a lot of data that you can analyze to inform the best approach for your campaign.




Devising the strategy to reach your audience more effectively is critical for crowdfunding. Since twitter allows you to discover people that are interested in same issues as your campaign, you get the opportunity to study them based on the kind of conversations they engage in. Crowdchirp reviews all the influencers in your niche that would be most likely to fund your campaign. So as you develop content for sharing with them you will be having an idea as to whether they are going to be receptive. You can first do a lot of testing and engage in conversations with them. That way you become part of their conversations so that later on you can reach out to them naturally rather than in a spammy way. Adding different categories of users on your lists is an effective way of keeping track of their activities on twitter. Hashtags are also used for categorizing users based on industries or hobbies if you use WeFollow and similar tools. A lot of tools provide stats that can be graphed for purposes of analysis to improve targeting. If you don’t have enough skills and experience in these areas, your best options would be to engage social media experts, but make sure they are also crowdfunding experts to give you better results.




By the time you get to a point of sending out messages that match the interests and behaviors of your targeted audience, a lot of work will have been already done. At this stage you must have a schedule for tweeting while most of the content should have already been prepared in advance. Make sure to track reactions to your tweets, engage and consistently use your official campaign hashtag. Experts use a variety of tools even at this stage to track progress, and make sure the messages are adjusted as appropriate to improve results. If all is done well before, during and after launching your crowdfunding campaign with crowd chirp, you will drive more traffic and get more backers that help you achieve project targets and goals.