Partner Program And Their Basics

More or less, a partner program is like a business strategy that sellers or merchants use to encourage value added resellers, consultant, individual software sellers etc. Partner program is divided in such a way to accommodate the major needs of particular types of channel companies. For some partners, a merchant may offer a consultant liaison program. This program may provide access to practical documentation, product training and many more.

STAN SCHROEDER has covered the partner program of YouTube in this story:

YouTube Opens Partner Program to Everyone


YouTube’s Partner Program, previously opened only to producers of very popular content, is now open to all content creators from the 20 countries where the program is available.

To become a YouTube Partner, you need to enable your YouTube account and successfully monetize at least one of your videos.

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There are multiple features of partner programs and these features may include product and sales training. It may have an easy access to merchant technical support. It may also have an easy access of beta versions of multiple products. However numbers of small sellers also work on such programs and channel partners plays a very significant role. Channel partners used to view these programs. For example deal registration is considered as a common part of many partner programs.

Following is the story by Doug Camplejohn about partner program of LinkedIn:

LinkedIn Launches CRM Partner Program
SAP Hybris, Oracle, NetSuite, SugarCRM and HubSpot are Inaugural Partners

Doug Camplejohn September 14, 2016

The Sales Navigator team has always realized that integration with the applications salespeople use every day — email and CRM — is critical.

We began our CRM integration journey by allowing Sales Navigator lead and account data to be displayed inside the CRM — first Salesforce, and then Microsoft Dynamics. We deepened our integration earlier this year by automatically syncing Sales Navigator and Salesforce records and launching our first email integration – Sales Navigator for Gmail.

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Furthermore multiple program incentives include awards, business and production recognition. Additionally major Information technology sellers also include some program partners like Apple, Cisco, dell, IBM, Oracle and others. Sometimes vendors may organize partner relationship management systems. These are used to improve their interaction and communication with channel companies.

Here is a video by Derral Eves listing details of YouTube’s partner program:

Partner Programs are a win-win for all parties.